lundi 15 avril 2013

motion sculpture

 This is my first sculpture at this scale (1/4) and with plastilina .  I took one of the Muybridge "bodies in motion" pictures as a reference picture. There is approximately 2-3h of work at this step

jeudi 11 avril 2013

staring at you !

4 hours sculpture while refining my knowledge  of  nose, eyes and lips structures and shape with phillipe faraut.

dimanche 7 avril 2013


I have recently worked on a  sculpture started ... humm...  3 or 4 years ago !    This sculpture is designed on a very static pose but with a very strong line of action from a side view. The main lines are vertical as you can see, that is why I have extended the legs and arms more than for a real anatomy. She / He reminds me some kind of old ritual sculpture carved out of bones by primitive humans.